Why choose Melissourgion?

To this day, there are thousands of honey brands out there to choose from, so why would you choose to get your honey from Melissourgion?

Well, to begin with, did you know that we are actually producing the honey that we sell? Yep, we are the beekeepers, we do not buy our honey from others and then sell it to our customers. Why is this important? Simply because we know every step of the beekeeping process, we beleive in ecological and sustainable beekeeping practice and therefore we can control and guarantee at the same time the excellent quality of our products. 

Our bees are respected, cared for and loved for what they offer to nature, to mother earth. And that is one of the reasons why we sometimes just run out of honey! We choose to keep our bees out of stress, leaving them to rest by not moving them to different places all the time, allowing them to enjoy their own honey whenever they need to do so. 

Think before you buy your honey, get to know who is behind the product you are thinking of buying.Talk to your beekeeper for your ecological concerns. 

The planet needs us to be more concious than ever! We owe it to the future generation!